About 50 minutes away by car, Orange is more of a one-trick pony than Arles or Nimes, having as its main attraction its famous amphitheatre… but what a trick!  It is well worth a visit and needs a whole afternoon … Read More

Canal du Midi

We occasionally get asked about the Canal du Midi which is to the West of us.  People often make an entire holiday out of cruising the canal but there are various points where you can take boat for a couple … Read More


One of our favourite towns.  Again, Roman ruins abound – but, unlike in Nîmes, they have been absorbed into the fabric of the town.  For us the most impressive are the foundations of the main market square (the Cryptoporticus), place … Read More


Sommières is a beautiful market town with a bustling market on Saturday mornings.  Its Roman bridge is still in use today.  It is a good place to eat (plenty of restaurants),  shop or just relax with an ice cream in … Read More

Carrières de Junas

Originally mined by Romans, this nearby quarry was used until this century with stone extracted still using their methods.  Now it hosts an annual jazz festival and when it is not being used is a great place to picnic.  There … Read More


Go through Villetelle as though you are heading to Lunel and you will see signs to Ambrussum, where there are extensive Roman remains of a town and a sort of service station on the main road from Rome to Barcelona.  … Read More


Each town has its own fête votive and each celebrates it with bulls.  The fêtes seem to be coordinated such that there is one somewhere nearby each week during the summer.  There is running with the bulls in the street, … Read More


Consistently voted by French people as the city they would most like to live in, it is vibrant, cosmopolitan, young (big student population) with a huge boulevard at the centre where people congregate for coffee and are entertained by buskers.  … Read More


A beautiful walled medieval town (13th century) with upmarket shops within the walls, which it is possible to walk around.  It has a lively square at its centre which is a good place to eat out at night.  There is … Read More

Pont du Gard

Roman aqueduct that used to supply water to Nimes.  Fantastically well-preserved and an incredible feat of engineering.  You can pay to go on a tour inside the water channel at the top of the aqueduct (well worth it – but … Read More

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