Must See


About 50 minutes away by car, Orange is more of a one-trick pony than Arles or Nimes, having as its main attraction its famous amphitheatre… but what a trick!  It is well worth a visit and needs a whole afternoon … Read More


One of our favourite towns.  Again, Roman ruins abound – but, unlike in Nîmes, they have been absorbed into the fabric of the town.  For us the most impressive are the foundations of the main market square (the Cryptoporticus), place … Read More


Consistently voted by French people as the city they would most like to live in, it is vibrant, cosmopolitan, young (big student population) with a huge boulevard at the centre where people congregate for coffee and are entertained by buskers.  … Read More


A beautiful walled medieval town (13th century) with upmarket shops within the walls, which it is possible to walk around.  It has a lively square at its centre which is a good place to eat out at night.  There is … Read More

Pont du Gard

Roman aqueduct that used to supply water to Nimes.  Fantastically well-preserved and an incredible feat of engineering.  You can pay to go on a tour inside the water channel at the top of the aqueduct (well worth it – but … Read More


The Roman amphitheatre is a must – still used to this day for concerts etc.  After that head to the Place de la Maison Carrée where there is a perfectly preserved 1st century BC Roman Temple opposite a Norman Foster … Read More

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